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Dressthedaughters is an organisation with a simple but important mandate to dress Gods daughters with dignity and worth.


Every girl, lady, woman is a daughter. We all have a father who is King of all Kings. 

To fulfill our mandate we adopted the following strategy of Encouragement, Empowerment and Education of women to know who they are and whose they are. 

Each daughter is unique, special, beautiful, wonderfully made and precious to God and man.

Dressthedaughters is committed to journeying with daughters to discover their god-given identity and develop godly character.

Destiny daughters, here's to the future, better, version of yourself. 

Remember you are beautiful inside and out.

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Here at Dressthedaughters, we are driven by a single goal; to support women to discover their God-given identity and develop their character. Our organisation aims to support each and every women in their personal development journey. By assisting one woman at a time, we help shape society, and in turn, make our world a better place.

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Have you ever experienced identity crisis? If you do not know who you are, someone else i.e magazines, television, other media sources, friends and associates, will tell you who you are. Without knowing your true identity, you run the risk of failing to achieve purpose. All is not lost however, as Dressthedaughters provide fantastic workshops to help you discover and re-discover your God-given identity. Advert an identity crisis today and begin to walk in purpose and succeed in every area of your life. Contact us for more information and invite us to host a workshop online, in your home or in your local community.



Proverbs 31:25

 "She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future"

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